Regional Results

Blue Mountain Region Skills Conference Results 2017

Accounting I

  • Brandon McGilvray~ 10th place


  • Brandon McGilvray~ 6th place

Business Communications

  • Hailey Bingaman~ 8th place

Computer Applications

  • Ryan Allen~ 1st place
  • Ryan Mullarkey~ 3rd place

Computer Problem Solving

  • Ryan Allen~ 6th place

FBLA Principles and Procedures

  • Aspen Smith~ 3rd place
  • Malia Hassan~ 5th place
  • Brandon Wyland~ 8th place
  • Madeline Hale~ 9th place

Healthcare Administration

  • Bonny Daggett~ 2nd place

Help Desk

  • December Eddy~ 3rd place

Hospitality Management

  • Sidney Bowman~ 2nd place (Individual)
  • Sidney Bowman, Chance Goodman, Jayce Burnette~ 5th place (Team)


  • Emily Faulk~ 1st place

Introduction to Business

  • Devin Colwell~ 2nd place
  • Wade McDonald~ 3rd place
  • Brandon Wyland~ 9th place
  • Gracey Smith~ 10th place

Introduction to Business Communications

  • Devin Colwell~ 3rd place

Introduction to Business Procedures

  • Anika McDonald~ 2nd place
  • Kendra Counsell~ 6th place

Introduction to Financial Math

  • Wade McDonald~ 2nd place

Introduction to Information Technology

  • Wyatt Whitaker~ 3rd place
  • Anika McDonald~ 4th place
  • Dylan Maguire~ 6th place
  • Kendra Counsell~ 7th place
  • Joelle Treat~ 8th place
  • Jeffery Walker~ 9th place

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures

  • Chance Goodman~ 7th place
  • Austin Miller~ 9th place

Job Interview

  • Sydney Treat~ 3rd place


  • Bonny Daggett~5th place
  • Cory Goldstein~ 10th place

Management Decision Making

  • Ryan Mullarkey~ 5th place (Individual)
  • Kylie Barry~ 10th place (Individual)
  • Trayse Riggle and Ryan Mullarkey~ 4th place (Team)
  • Kylie Barry, Madeline Hale, Gracey Smith~ 6th place (Team)

Management Information Systems

  • Hailey Bingaman~ 4th place (Individual)
  • Hunter VanLeuven~ 7th place (Individual)
  • Marshal Whitaker~ 8th place (Individual)
  • Hailey Bingaman, Hunter VanLeuven, Marshal Whitaker~ 3rd place (Team)

Networking Concepts

  • Karrington Troyer~ 6th place

Organizational Leadership

  • Emily Faulk~ 4th place
  • Cory Goldstein~ 10th place

Public Speaking I

  • Sadie Royes~ 1st place
  • Shelby Sannar~ 3rd place
  • Rylee Deal~ 5th place
  • Karrington Troyer~ 7th place

Public Speaking II

  • Kelley Massingale~ 1st place
  • Owen McBride~ 7th place

Word Processing

  • Haley VanLueven~ 8th place
  • Katelyn Stirewalt~ 9th place

Congratulations to all of the following competitors, and good luck at state!