A Summary of Imbler School District's Draft Plan

July 23, 2020

Dear Imbler School District Staff, Parents and Caregivers,

Spring of 2020 brought us significant challenges. I am incredibly proud of the work you did to support students during this unprecedented time. Thank you for your patience, your commitment, and your willingness to partner with our teachers and staff to serve students. I am excited to share our plans for fall with you. While we cannot yet plan for school as usual, we have worked within the guidelines from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to create a plan that gets us as close to a normal year as possible. If ODE requirements change, we will revise the plan accordingly.

In addition to COVID, many students are feeling additional stress due to equity concerns and national discussions on race. We strive to provide a safe learning environment for each and every student. When incidents occur, prompt reporting helps us address issues and work to prevent future problems. Our complaint procedure is available on our website, and anonymous reporting for any safety concern may be done via phone at 844-472-3367, at http://www.safeoregon.com, or via text at 844-472-3367. If you see a practice that you believe impacts students negatively, please contact a school principal to share your concerns, or email me at angie.lakey-campbellatimblersd.org. Your voice matters a great deal to us as we work together to improve our systems of support for students.

A summary of our draft plan can be found here. Based on guidance released by ODE yesterday, parts of this plan may need to be revised. Hopefully, this summary will answer questions in regards to the online learning options I referred to in this morning’s correspondence. Also, a survey is available here, which will allow you to provide input on the plan. The ODE plan requires multiple components; however, the main areas of challenge are:

  • 35 square feet per person per room
  • Stable cohorts of students
  • Three feet of distance between non-family member passengers on school buses

These elements, and the other requirements of the plan, helped form our overall plan. Key areas of our draft plan include:

  • Students will attend school on-site Monday-Thursday.
  • Fridays will be half-days for students identified for additional supports and online learning days for all other students.
  • Students will be kept in stable cohorts of students each day.
  • Elementary classes will be fairly traditional.
  • Secondary (6-12) classes will be a mix of traditional classes and online classes supported by a teacher in the classroom.
  • When allowable, athletics and activities will resume.

We look forward to your feedback to help us finalize the plan so we may welcome students back to school this fall.


Angie Lakey-Campbell

Superintendent/Elementary Principal

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