Message from the Superintendent: Distance Learning For All

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April 8, 2020


I’m guessing many of you are aware of Governor Brown’s most recent press conference closing schools for the remainder of the year. It is with a broken heart I write to tell you that I have teachers reeling because they will not be allowed to have your children in their classrooms again this year.


As I have visited virtual classrooms over the past week, I have seen teachers connecting with students. Entering into this distance learning, I had a bit of anxiety about our ability to reach our students. However, I have seen teachers show love and concern for their students, and I was able to feel the emotion even through a screen.


If Mr. Mills and I had asked our teachers to develop distance lessons for our students, we would have rightly received pushback. However, when it has been our only option, teachers have put in countless hours learning how to serve students in this new way. We will continue to do our best to give your child the best education possible.


Stay safe.

Angie Lakey-Campbell, Superintendent

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