District Celebrates Positive Graduation Rate

2019 numbers with mortar board

On Thursday, January 23rd, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released graduation rates for school districts in Oregon. These are 2018-19 graduation rates.

Imbler School District’s 4-year Cohort graduation rate is 100%. Angie Lakey-Campbell, district superintendent, said the district is very excited about its continued excellence in the graduation rate.

"Instilling an attitude of excellence and the commitment to achieve" has been the mission statement for the Imbler School District for many years. Teachers, parents, and community members have committed to the students of Imbler and established a culture where the common belief is that all students will graduate every year, Lakey-Campbell said.

“It is common for teachers to meet students early before school and to stay late after school to assist them. Teacher and community expectations help students recognize personal strengths,” she said.

This year the school has implemented the Freshman on Track or FOT program to help students in jeopardy of failing a class. With parent consent, students are assigned time after school to work with teachers until they obtain a passing grade.

“Our teachers continue to work hard to get students past the finish line. The expectation is that all students will graduate every year,” Lakey-Campbell said.

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