As a culmination of our district's educational requirements, we feel it is important for students to make a transition from the academic skills and knowledge that have been acquired to the practical, real life work experience where knowledge and skills are applied. Panthera is a vehicle to bring these together in a hands-on project, an accompanying paper and oral presentation about the experience.  These components together meet state graduation requirements.
Panthera is a demonstration of an educational experience of your own choosing  and design and a capstone project for your graduation. The written and oral components of Panthera must be passed with a score of four to graduate from Imbler High School. The physical project must be passed by reaching 75% of the goals and activities  that you have set for yourself. You will receive a letter grade for Panthera, but the grade will be calculated as a part of your GPA.

Panthera Information

Junior 2016-17 Timeline

Senior 2016-17 Timeline

Junior Proposal Presentation Guidelines

Senior Project Oral Presentation Guidelines



         Appendix A                                        Appendix O

         Appendix B                                        Appendix P

         Appendix C                                        Appendix Q

         Appendix D                                        Appendix R

         Appendix E                                        Appendix RR

         Appendix F                                         Appendix S

         Appendix G                                        Appendix T

         Appendix H                                        Appendix U

         Appendix I                                          Appendix V

         Appendix J                                         Appendix W

         Appendix K                                        Appendix X

         Appendix L                                         Appendix Y

         Appendix M                                        Appendix Z

         Appendix N