FBLA Program of Work~ Our Connection Goals

Imbler FBLA Chapter - Program of Work 2016-2017

Community Service

  • Promote fundraisers for the March of Dimes.
  • Promote all community service activities.
  • Come up with a few new ways to help people in our community.

Increase Membership

  • Recruitment of new students, Jr. High and High School

FBLA Promotion and Fundraising

  • Celebrate and advertise FBLA week.
  • Hold monthly meetings and keep bringing new people.
  • Create new activities and fundraisers to attract members.

Advancement in Project and Activity

  • Increase number of people qualifying for state in their activities.
  • Make sure that people who do their projects, spend time and do quality work.
  • Making sure younger members learn about projects and get help if needed.

Assigning Tasks

  • Making a mentor program for younger members.
  • Having all of the higher level members hold a responsibility.
  • Make sure that fundraisers and community service activities run smoothly.

Following up

  • Assigning Projects early on in the year to insure quality and productivity.
  • Check on progress of planned events/activities throughout planning period.